From the Tribe.



“I love working with Trish. She instills proper technique and form in weightlifting and movement. She is creative in each workout and always keeps you on your toes. She’s also very knowledgeable about nutrition and how to maximize your body’s potential through the proper diet for you and an exercise plan focused to meet your needs.”


“With unique limitations, I need someone who can positively and safely push me. Working with Trish has been the perfect balance of strength building, caution, and encouragement to help me better myself physically and emotionally.”


“I decided to give Trish a shot after a few years of training at a CrossFit gym. I was tired, burned out, and thinking about giving up on training altogether. Trish made it fun again. She understood exactly where I was, pushed me just the right amount, and taught me new things. She’s an amazing coach.”


"I found Trish to be a true professional/expert. Her method of training encompasses all aspects of becoming a fit person—technique, physical, mental, and nutrition. My progress was very real and noticeable in just weeks. Highly recommend!"


“In the year that I’ve been working out with Trish, I’ve made more gains with fewer gym visits. My muscle mass has increased noticeably, and I now want to work out more often. I’ve had no injuries or lingering aches and pains. Trish is great at correcting lifting form, and I now feel more confident with heavy lifts. I can’t say enough good things about coach Trish, and I’m digging my new muscles.”