It’s what we all once were—well, our ancestors anyway, the really, really old ones—and it’s our birthright: to be fit, to be healthy. We are designed to thrive.

So why are so many of us unhealthy? Why are more and more people struggling with “conditions,” filling prescriptions, and feeling less than great? Why haven’t modern science and technology advanced us to be the fittest and most resilient humans ever?

The reason is fairly simple: we’ve lost our way. Maybe we’re a little too smart for our own good. We’ve become too focused on all that humans can do and forgotten what we are. At the end of the day, we are all pretty much the same two-legged, opposable-thumbed animals we were 100,000 years ago. Only now, most of us aren’t dying from the cold or hunger or tiger bites. We’re dying from sitting too much. From worrying too much. From train-wrecked guts. 

We can change this.

You see, all animals have specific design features, humans included. What we were designed to eat, how we were designed to move, and our sleep/wake cycles are all relevant. We’re part of an intricate web of existence that has sustained life for billions of years.

There’s a clear path to feeling and looking great, and it begins with changing the way we see ourselves in this modern world. Yes, we have highly functional brains and can accomplish amazing things, but we are not really modern at all. To be fit, we need to reconnect with those basic things that sustain life.

A fitanimal has enough of what it needs and not too much of what it doesn’t. It is strong, energized, clear headed, and at peace.

A fitanimal thrives.  
Be one.